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(Detailed explanation is forthcoming.)


This site is set in two incredibly stylish and versatile fonts.

For body text in any setting, I always choose to use serif fonts. The reason for this is twofold: first, personal experience has shown that serif fonts look “better” in large blocks on a page; and second, I have seen research that suggests serif fonts aid legibility, by adding useful visual information. While I have a fondness for many old style serif faces, on this site I have chosen to use Adobe Caslon Pro, which I—amidst much contention, I will admit—find to be the most beautiful serif family I have ever seen in the wild. It is distinctive, distinguished, and elegant—all traits which I aspire to.

In order to produce a more modern and sheen look, I have complemented the strong, traditional clout of Caslon with Segoe Condensed. The Segoe family is a Microsoft-commissioned replica of the very well–respected Gotham set, and although it is nigh impossible to create a face as striking as Gotham, Segoe—especially its condensed variants—posesses many features which make it worthy in its own right. It is simple and understated, and serves as a fitting counterpart for headings and embellishments.

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